Acoustic & Sound Testing

Assess the performance of your sound insulation and associated flanking elements.

To show compliance with the Building Regulations Approved Document E 'Resistance to the Passage of Sound' criteria there is a requirement for sound testing to be undertaken by an UKAS (or similar) accredited company.

You require Sound Insulation Testing if you:

  • Build a new development of 2 or more dwellings or flats 
  • Convert a former single dwelling into flats 
  • Build rooms for residential use, (e.g. hotel or hostel or care homes) 
  • Have designs which do not adhere to Robust Construction Details

ERS are specialists in sound testing. In keeping with the regulations, we will conduct tests for both airborne and impact travel through new or existing buildings, on party floors and walls that separate dwellings from one another and advise you on any required remedial action.

Please call 01865 378885 or complete the contact form today if you require support with your noise and acoustic testing or have any questions

ERS Consultants Ltd are now an essential part of our development team.  The services they provide such as SAP, SBEM, EPC, and Part L compliance is professional, efficient and prompt.

Cantay Estates Ltd, , Elaine Dale

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