Energy and sustainability statement

An Energy Statement is part of your Planning Application to satisfy all local targets of energy and CO2 reductions, it is also a key working document for the design and construction teams throughout the build.

ERS Consultants can help you address the planning requirements, to meet the local energy and sustainability policies. This is done by firstly demonstrating the Baseline ‘ standard’ CO2 emissions and energy costs. Then we look at the possible improvements to the fabric, services, and adding on-site renewable technology to meet the CO2 reduction targets. This follows the ‘be lean, be clean, be green’ requirements.

We undertake an accurate assessment of site conditions to advise on the most appropriate renewable resources and the amount of emissions reduction that might be attained. Our reports comply with the latest regulations and demonstrate the predicted energy usage in a readily comprehensible manner to meet with the approval of the Planning Officer.

It is imperative to specify the right technology for each case from among the range of available options such as solar thermal panels, photovoltaic panels, biomass boilers, heat pumps, wind turbines, heat recovery systems and combined heat & power (CHP) making specifying the right technology for a particular building not only very important but also a technically rigorous exercise which we are fully equipped to undertake. We undertake detailed appraisal of the building and thermal modelling to ensure the greatest gain for the lowest capital investment.

We cater to the requirements of planning conditions, Code for Sustainable Homes Credits (Ene7) and London Mayor’s Energy Hierarchy requirements.

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