Daylight Analysis

Calculating appropriately sized and accurately positioned glazing, to reduce the need for artificial lighting and create comfortable, productive environments.

ERS Consultants use a daylight analysis software to assess a building in detail, together with the effect of neighbouring buildings and obstructions. We can also evaluate the important balance between higher levels of natural daylight in buildings against the additional heating/cooling requirement in spaces with large areas of glazing.

We are also qualified to provide the required reports and calculations to fulfill BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (Hea 1) assessments.

Sunlight Modelling and Analysis

Good building design ensures harmonising natural sunlight for any impacts on the people using the building. Solar modelling enables us to understand and control the geometric relationship between the sun and buildings. ERS use Sun Cast modelling to assist with planning applications, to perform graphical and numerical solar studies. We can undertake detailed solar tracking, solar pattern, solar shading, daylight level and solar gain analysis based on real weather data. We can work with you to incorporate this into your design process at the relevant stages; feeding back on different iterations right from early master planning.

Planning Issues

Since most planning authorities now require issues pertaining to light to be addressed as part of a planning application, we provide the required evidence and reports to show whether neighbouring properties are adversely affected by a new development, extension or wall. This is immensely useful to gain planning approval. This can also be useful to assess the maximum envelope area of a new development and help ensure that it falls within the allowable parameters.

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