Code for Sustainable Homes

With full licensing by BRE & STROMA, ERS offers expert advice and a convenient Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment, ensuring compliance for your project at some of the most economical rates in the industry.

Since May 2008 there has been a requirement to provide all new homes built in England with Code for Sustainable Homes rating. The Code for Sustainable Homes signals the future direction of Building Regulations. It provides valuable information to home buyers and offers building providers with a tool with which to differentiate properties according to the sustainability criteria.

The scale used in the Code for Sustainable Homes demonstrates the percentage carbon emissions reduced, when compared with Part L1A of the 2006 Building Regulations. The Code Level 1 is a 10% reduction against Part L1A. This target increases for each level, through to level 6 – which is only achieved by zero carbon homes.

In addition to the minimum carbon and water emission standards, the code for sustainable homes focuses on other sustainability criteria such as materials usage, surface water run-off, waste production, pollution, health and well-being, building management and ecology.

There is a lot to consider for this code especially when Local Authorities and funding schemes often require a minimum standard of Code level 3 (a 25% reduction against Part L1A).

ERS are licensed to carry out BREEAM and Code assessments and can assess your building at design and/or post construction stage. We provide consultancy throughout the design and construction stages to help you to achieve your desired rating.

We can also provide services to help you achieve a number of the credits within the Code assessments.

Contact us today, call 01865 378885 or complete the contact form and we hope we can help you meet the level you require from the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Code for Sustainable Home resources:

We used ERS Consultants Ltd on a number of occasions for our general energy rating requirements and always found them helpful, friendly and speedy.

Their advice and assistance, particularly with Code 3 submissions, was most useful and we found their quality of service to be excellent in this regard.

Vanderbilt Developer, , Debbie Low

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