Best practice for sustainable design and measuring a building's environmental performance.

Since it was established on 1990, the BREEAM Assessment has become the most widely used environmental appraisal method for UK commercial buildings. It is also increasingly used for international projects. ERS are experienced practitioners of measuring buildings and improving their performance in accordance with BREEAM requirements.

A BREEAM Assessment looks at a broad range of environmental impacts across the property:

  • Management – effectiveness of building operation
  • Health and Wellbeing – level of occupant control over heating, lighting, air quality and noise
  • Energy– level of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions
  • Transport – effectiveness of site provisions to reduce transport related CO2 emission
  • Water – level of buildings water efficiency
  • Material and Waste – types of materials utilised and responsibility of sourcing practices
  • Land use and Ecology – consideration of location and associated impacts
  • Pollution – level and type of emissions by the building

For each of these areas, credits are awarded according to performance. These credits are weighted and combined to calculate an overall score. The building will then be given a rating between ‘pass’ (where this minimum is achieved) through to ‘outstanding’.

ERS provides a full BREEAM service, offering SBEM and BREEAM assessments all under one roof. ERS BREEAM Team can guide you through the assessment from start to finish, helping you achieve as high a rating as possible. We have registered BREEAM assessors for:

  • BREEAM Offices
  • BREEAM Multi Residential 
  • BREEAM Industrial
  • BREEAM Education
  • BREEAM Retail 

ERS Consultants are specialists in BREEAM Assessments. Please call 01865 378885 or complete the contact form today if you require advice for your project.


Download the full  BREEAM Assessment documentation.

We at Bennett Construction have used ERS Consultants Ltd on various projects. We have found their experience and advise invaluable both in the design and construction phases of the projects.

The projects that I have been involved with and worked directly with ERS Consultants were at Balham High Street which was the construction of 62 apartments over a WW2 air raid Shelter and at Lymington Avenue. Balham Hill was constructed using reinforced concrete as the frame, the façade was a mix of aluminium rain-screen and terracotta tile rain-screen.

The Lymington Avenue project involved the construction of 66 Apartments and 4 commercial units and was built using a light gauge steel frame construction. The façade was a mix of brickwork, aluminium rain-screen and render.

On both of these projects we achieved CFSH level 4 which was greater than what was required for Balham.  

We are glad to be associated with ERS Consultants and look forward to working together on future projects. We would have no hesitation in recommending ERS Consultants as CFSH/Breeam Assessors

Bennett Construction Ltd., Projects Director, Kieran Mc Daid

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