Commercial Air Tightness & Pressure Testing

Air Tightness Testing is mandatory for commercial buildings Under Part L2A of the Building Regulations.

ERS Consultants can provide air tightness and pressure testing for your commercial properties across the UK.

To complete the test we will reference:

  • The scale plans of the buildings we are testing
  • The calculations from your SBEM assessment
  • A physical test in the fully finished buildings

We use UKAS calibrated equipment and carry out the test in accordance with the procedures detailed in ATTMA TS1 and BS EN:13829 (2001).

In order to pass the Air Pressure Test, the Air Permeability must be less than or equivalent to the Design Air Permeability.

ERS will help you achieve a ‘pass’ result and reduce air leakage.

If you need advice on your air tightness testing, please call 01865 378885 or complete the contact form.

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